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HSRO Web Site 
Both the HSRO Web Site and the eProst Lirbary contain information about HSRO policies, consent form and protocol templates, supplemental forms, and contact information for the HSRO staff.
eProst Archive 
"old" eProst site. This is where you will find studies that were closed prior to 12/05/2013 and records for studies that were active as of 12/05/2013 but migrated to the new system.
CITI Program 
Link to the CITI Program to complete training required for investigators and research team members.

About the eProst System

eProst is managed by the Research IT office within UM Information Technology.

email: resinfo@med.miami.edu
phone: 305-243-2314


Welcome to eProst

Welcome to eProst

Welcome to the University of Miami's Electronic Protocol Submission and Tracking system (eProst).  This is the system you will use to submit human subject research projects for review.

To log in to eProst:

  1. If you already have an eProst account, click the Login link in the upper right hand corner of this page and log in with your Cane ID username and password.
    • If you have an eProst account, but you think it may have been disabled, please contact the eProst Help Desk (eprost@med.miami.edu; 305-243-2314).
  2. If you do not yet have an eProst account, complete the New Account Request Form at the bottom of this page. You will need to have a valid C-number in order to request an account.
    • It is important that you do not create duplicate accounts. If you are unsure, please contact the eProst Help Desk (eprost@med.miami.edu; 305-243-2314).


eProst/IRB Training Modules Begin September 7, 2021

Research Intelligence & Data Infrastructure will launch a new series of training modules for eProst, the University's Electronic Protocol Submission and Tracking system for Internal Review Board (IRB) submissions.   

These courses have been designed to give you the most up to date information on the current version of the eProst/IRB system. All users will be required to complete each course by October 31 in order to retain your access to the eProst/IRB system. Required courses will be assigned in your learning management platform (ULearn, WeLearn, or Qualtrics) and based on your current eProst role.


eProst User Guides

IRB Staff Quick Reference
For HSRO/IRB staff
IRB Reviewer's Guide
For IRB Committee Members and Ancillary Reviewers
IRB Researchers Quick Reference
For study teams and principal investigators
IRB Multi-Site Study (MSS) Quick Reference
For Multi-Site Studies (MSS) using Single IRB (Central IRB) OR External IRB workflows
External IRB Update Study Details for 8.2.4
External IRB Modifications for 8.2.4
eProst Process for External IRB Initial Review Application_IRB
For study teams and principal investigators


If you need help with an IRB Submission or with the eProst system, there are several resources available:

For help with... Contact
HSRO Regulatory and Submission Questions,
Requests for training on HSRO procedures and eProst


Reliance for IRB Review
External sites relying on the UM IRB & UM sites relying on an External IRB


Help with eProst

          General questions:



          Technical questions:


  • eProst FAQ
  • eProst User Guides (located in the Shortcuts area)
  • Help icons throughout the eProst SmartForms and activity forms


     Research IT Help Desk

Cane ID issues

Cane ID Help Desk
305-284-6565, option 2


CITI Help Desk

New User? Request an eProst Account

New Account Request Form

To be granted access to eProst, you must be an employee, student, or authorized associate of the University of Miami (UM) or Jackson Health System (JHS). If you do not already have an eProst account, please complete the following account request form and click the Register button at the bottom of the page. You must submit a valid C-number and UM or JHS email address for your request to be processed.

Your request will be forwarded to the Office of the Vice Provost for Research & Scholarship (OVPRS) for verification purposes. Included in this verification, you may be assigned to a specific eProst training curriculum in ULearn, Qualtrics, etc.  Once you complete this required training, your account will be activated.  You will receive an email from the eProst Helpdesk confirming creation of your account. New account requests will normally be processed within one business day after training is completed.

Note: If you have already submitted this form, or if you already have an eProst account but are having problems logging in, please do not complete this self-registration form; contact eProst Technical Support for further assistance.


If you do not have a C-number, please request one at https://caneid.miami.edu/default.aspx?action=create. All users must have a valid C-number in order to have access to eProst.




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  • Please be advised that the IRB/eProst and COI/UDisclose Systems were upgraded, on October 30, 2019. Details about the changes are available on the HSRO Website.
  • New Federally funded human research studies must comply with the 2018 Common Rule. Existing studies approved prior to January 19, 2019 may continue to follow the pre 2018 rule or may transition to the 2018 Rule if the investigators chooses to move the study into compliance with the new Rule. Compliance with the 2018 Common Rule will eliminate the requirement for continuing review for studies involving only minimal risk.

    A consent form template that is compliant with the 2018 Common Rule requirements can be found in the eProst Library or on the HSRO website at:

    For more information, click HERE, or HSRO@Miami.edu.

  • IRB System Upgrade: The  eProst system was upgraded in September 2018. The latest version of IRB 8 includes support for single IRB review of multi-site studies, and changes to the external IRB process. Please refer to the Quick Reference Guides (links to the left) for further details.

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